Refractive Microlens Arrays

A short introduction on refractive microlens arrays

A refractive microlens refracts the incident light according to Snell's law, similar as large-scale glass lenses do.

Refractive microlenses are an interesting alternative solution for all applications where miniaturization and reduction of alignment and packaging costs are necessary. Refractive microlens arrays are a perfect solution for high-power laser beam homogenizing.

Refractive microlens arrays offer perfect operation for the full wavelength range: Fused Silica from 193nm to 3µm and Silicon from 1.2µm to 5µm. Anti-Reflection coatings allow to optimize the transmission for selected wavelength ranges.

Our refractive microlenses are manufactured using standard semiconductor technologies like photolithography, resist processing and reactive ion etching. These wafer-based manufacturing technologies allow a very accurate shaping of the lens profile and a precise positioning of the lenses within an array. SUSS MicroOptics is manufacturing in 200 mm (8") wafer technology in cleanroom environment.

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Key features

  • Bulk material: Fused Silica, Silicon, Borofloat
  • Wavelength range: DUV (193nm) to IR (5µm)
  • Maximum array size: 180 mm, 120 mm x 120 mm
  • Lens size: 10 μm – 2 mm
  • Lens profiles: Plano-convex, bi-convex, spheres, aspheres

Additional features

  • Mounting posts
  • Double sided lens arrays with precise front-to-back alignment
  • Stop arrays
  • Pupils
  • Pin-holes
  • Alignment marks
  • Self-aligning structures
  • Wafer-Level Packaging
  • AR-coating, Metallization and dicing


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