Arrays for Laser Diode Bars and Stacks

Excellent collimation of the laser beam from a diode laser is often crucial for the overall performance of optical systems. SUSS MicroOptics provides a large variety of standard Slow Axis Collimators and Cylindrical Telescope Arrays for collimation of laser diode stacks or bars.

Slow Axis Collimator

  • Bulk material: Fused Silica, Silicon, Borofloat
  • Spectral wavelength 193 nm - 5 µm
  • Spherical or aspherical lens profiles
  • Perfect control of conic constant and lens uniformity
  • Anti-Reflection coatings available on request


Cylindrical Telescope Arrays

  • Monolithic elements both sides micro structured
  • Alignment accuracy < 3 µm using mask aligner technology


Our Technology is Your Benefit

  • With our precise manufacturing and metrology technology, SUSS MicroOptics is able to meet tightest lens profile and uniformity specifications.
  • Our high fill-factor lens arrays ensure maximum collimation efficiency.


SUSS MicroOptics provides several off-the-shelf Slow Axis Collimator (SAC) in our online shop. We provide off-the-shelf cylindrical telescope arrays as well as customized SAC and customized cylindrical telescope arrays arrays on request.

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