Fly’s Eye Condenser

Highly Efficient Monolithic Fly’s Eye Condenser for Beam Homogenizing

Short introduction on fly's eye condenser

Fly’s Eye condensers for the homogenization of optical radiation are used in numerous applications in research and engineering, with increasingly higher requirements in efficiency and flat top uniformity.

To fulfil the demanding requirements, SUSS MicroOptics SA has developed a selection of high quality fly’s eye condenser with various divergence angles. These monolithic components are based on miniaturised cylindrical lens arrays on front and backside of the substrate.

In the application, these fly's eye condenser stand out with sharp edges and an excellent uniformity of the flat-top. Besides the classical use for flat-top generation, the generation of spot patterns, line patterns and single lines is also possible.

Square Flat-TopPoint Matrix Flat-Top (Spots)Single Line Flat-Top

Examples for square, point matrix (spots) & single line flat-tops

The performance of the refractive component is wavelength independent for 193nm – 3µm and can be optimised with the appropriate anti-reflection coating. The use of condensor lenses with different focal lengths allows the easy adjustment of the imaging area to the requirements of the application.

The flexibility of these fly's eye condenser is reflected in its various applications:

  • Optical Metrology
  • Laser Beam Shaping
  • Laser Pump Optics
  • Dermatology
  • Microscopy
  • Illumination
  • Micro Manufacturing
  • Laser Welding, Cutting, Drilling

Key features

  • Fly’s Eye condenser: Monolithic element with cylindrical lenses on both sides, focussing on each other
  • Different Divergence angles available
  • Excellent lens shape
  • high uniformity
  • efficiency > 98 %


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