Fiber Coupler

Microlens arrays increase the coupling efficiency for fiber couplers.

SUSS MicroOptics is a leading supplier worldwide of microlens arrays for fiber couplers, with the highest ranking in lens array uniformity and the specific knowledge to fit the lens profile precisely to the fiber coupling application.

Case study: SUSS MicroOptics fiber couplers are also used in the Schleifring micro optical rotary joint which allows data transmission between rotating and stationary systems, used for instance for radar antennas or for undersea cable installation ships.

Fiber Coupling Arrays for increased coupling efficiency

  • 2D Microlens Arrays
  • Highest quality and precision
  • Bulk material: Fused Silica, Silicon, Borofloat
  • Wavelength range: DUV (193nm) to IR (5um)
  • Lens profiles: Plano-convex, bi-convex, spheres, aspheres
  • Fiber types SMF, MMF
  • Optional:
    • Stop arrays, pupils, pinholes, alignment marks
    • Double sided lens arrays with precise front-to-back alignment
    • AR-Coating, Metallization, Wafer-Level Packaging
    • Wafer thinning
  • A large selection of standard arrays available off-the-shelf
  • Tailor-made customized arrays
  • Our outstanding metrology is your solution!

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