SUSS MicroOptics - High Quality Microlens Arrays


  • November 2012 SUSS MicroOptics S.A. moves into new production facility [more...]
  • November 2012MIP Symposium, International Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection, 27-29 November, Fraunhofer IOF, Jena, Germany.
    Talk: R. Voelkel, “Array Optics”
  • August 2012SUSS MicroOptics moves the offices to new facilities at INNOPARC.
  • July 2012SUSS MicroOptics starts construction of new Class 100/1000 cleanroom production facilities located at INNOPARC, Rouges-Terres 61, CH-2068 Hauterive, Switzerland, about 1 km outside of Neuchatel city at the lakeside.
  • July 2012ODF’12, 02-05 July, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Talk: R. Voelkel, “Micro-Optics as Key Enabling Technology (KET) for Photolithography”
  • June 2012Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT), Journal by Walter de Gruyter, ISSN 2192-8584
    Review Article on “Wafer-scale micro-optics fabrication”, Adv. Opt. Techn., Vol. 1 (2012), pp. 135-150, DOI 10.1515/aot-2012-0013
  • May 2012DgaO Annual Meeting, 29 May – 02 June, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Talk: R. Voelkel, “Optical Lithography – Key Enabling Technology for our Modern World” (Opening Session)
    Talk: A. Bramati et. al., “AMALITH: Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography”
    Talk: U. Vogler et. al., “MO Exposure Optics : Pushing Limits of Shadow Printing Lithography in Mask Aligners”
  • May 2012SUSS MicroTec SA increases shareholding of SUSS MicroOptics SA to 100%. [more...]
  • February 2012SPIE Lithography, 12-16 February, San Jose, California, USA
    Poster: R. Voelkel et. al., “Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH)”, SPIE 8326-69
    Panel “Wild and Crazy Ideas”, Talk: R. Voelkel, “Mask Aligners Revisited”
  • January 2012Photonics West, 22-27 January 2012, San Francisco, California, USA. Booth: South Hall, #1836