Source-Mask Optimization - Definition

Source-Mask Optimization in a SUSS Mask Aligner is simply ingenious. A smart upgrade of your installed Mask Aligner base with the new MO Exposure Optics ensures process stability and SUSS Expert Team provides customized IFP and OPC solutions for your litho processes.

MO Exposure Optics and Source Mask Optimization are major steps forward in yield improvements providing high resolution at even large proximity gaps for all SUSS Mask Aligners.

What's it all about

  • Source-Mask Optimization (SMO) is a Photolithography Enhancement Technique commonly used in Projection Lithography to compensate for image errors due to aberrations, diffraction or process effects.
  • Mask Aligner Lithography is a cost-effective alternative to expensive projection lithography. The mask pattern is transferred by Shadow Printing. The shadow pattern on the wafer varies much with the proximity gap and the illumination light impinging onto the photomask.
  • Source-Mask Optimization is now available for Mask Aligner Lithography. This novel concept allows to precisely shape the illumination light and mask pattern to correct aerial image and process errors in both contact and proximity lithography beyond today's limits.
  • Key enabling element is the novel MO Exposure Optics Illumination system.
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