Stabilize Source: MO Exposure Optics

At a glance

  • Excellent Light Uniformity (typically +/-2%), Perfect illumination over full exposure field
  • Stable Light Source
    • No re-adjustment of lamp position required. A mis-alignment of the lamp does not affect the light uniformity anymore.
    • Saves setup and maintenance time in production
  • Improved CD uniformity
    • Telecentric illumination improves CD uniformity and overlay accuracy over full wafer area
    • Larger process window and yield improvement
  • High Flexibility with exchangeable Illumination Filter Plates for customized illumination, allowing to optimize critical lithography processes to the very limit
  • MO Exposure Optics is "DUV-Ready" - Fused Silica Micro-Optics allow operation at full wavelength range
  • Special "Down-Sizing Kits" are available for light compression to smaller wafer sizes. For example when using 3" wafers in 6" mask aligner MA150, the light intensity gain is more than 5 times.
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