Quality Statement

In order to master the quality control and reliability of our products, the SUSS MicroOptics management has decided to implement a quality system according to the standard norm ISO 9001:2008. We will focus on four main topics:

Working with Integrity

We build trust and commitment through our daily actions. Interactions with our customers, our suppliers, and our co-workers occur within a code of moral and ethical conduct that is above reproach.

Health and Safety

At SUSS MicroOptics we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment that values sustainability, diversity and wellbeing of our personnel.


We stay on the leading edge of technology in the development, production, testing and application of our products. Our investment in technology will ensure quality and reliability of our Micro-Optics. We motivate and train our collaborators.

Advocating for the Customer

We value our customers and do whatever it takes to satisfy their needs. We ensure that customer interactions are enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

Delivering Quality

We strive to do the right thing the first time. If a problem does arise, we take immediate action to resolve it. The quality of our people, our products, and our services will ensure the long-term viability of our company.